Monday, March 3, 2014


             Things start off a bit touchy because we find out that Mrs.Onassis not going on the nature cruise.It also talks about the loss of innocence and how starting off at a very young age in our society its lost. Getting deeper into the idea of how us humans have the habit of needing something to believe in(often times religion). We learn more about Captain Adolf von Kleist, going into explanation about his white and gold uniform.He talks about meteorites, he gave quite the little lecture on them. He thinks a meteorite will one day be mistaken for a missile and start world war 3. The Captain went straight from the airport to his ship, he didn't even stop to go see his brother. Then is gets into how one of our human defects is the law of natural selection, in our society everyone gets a chance at life, weak or strong, fat or skinny. The captain went on two shows The tonight show & Good morning America. He is often referred to as the "big brain". Then he made a huge mess of things, because he was talking to a woman that knew a little bit more about islands and mechanicary.Vonnegut reveals that Bobby King is officially out of our storyline now, and will not appear again. Then it goes into loss of opportunity and how we wish we had taken advantage of certain situations in our life. How we need to be more adventurous and aware, specifically referring to Selena this time. Then goes into the incident of San Mateo. Talking about all the corruption that fueled the Sam Mateo making it possible and a bit mysterious. Both the captain and his brother have homes in the chilly mists above Quito witch they both would love to never see again. Then goes into how sometimes a little neglect can breed good news just as easily, getting back into the idea of explosives and world war 3.

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