Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Summarizer Chapters 29-35

   In these chapters, things get pretty interesting. Mary Hepburn tries to kills herself via suffocation, only to stop because of a hallucination of turtles stuck on their back. We discover that soon enough, a disease will cause the eggs in women's bodies to die, with exception to those who are on Galapagos. Close to death, Mary decides to take the bag off of her head and heads down to the bar, where James Wait is feeding the orphan children. Here we learn that James Wait is not only a manipulator of women, but also a murderer, and we are told the story of the murder he committed.
   Siegfried vin Kleist is beginning to become more insane because of the disease he has, Huntington's chorea, and Mary and James do not know that MacIntosh and Zenji have been shot, yet. Siegfried gives Wait the Mandarax. While Wait and Mary talk down in the bar, Wait begins to work his man-whore powers on Mary, and we learn that both he and Siegfried are soon going to die.
   Everyone from the hotel pile into a bus headed for the airport, and the six little cute Kanka-bono girls eat Kazakh, Selena MacIntosh's dog. The bus ride is dangerous and scary, and everyone on the bus is freaking out and trying to protect one another- even though Siegfried is obviously not fit to be driving or even really functioning with anyone, he decides to take this opportunity to drive anyways.
   People would have evolved differently if all of the celebrities had stayed on the cruise, and lots of lobsters have evolved just like humans and live in society just like them (according to a story made up by Adolf). Humans someday will have beaks, flippers, and fur. Yay.

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  1. I think this was described very well. You did a good job.