Sunday, March 23, 2014

Summary: Chapters 5-11 Book Two

The characters are still sailing in open ocean on the Bahia de Darwin. After persistently asking, Mary Hepburn agrees to marry "Willard Flemming"right there on the ship. Flemming dies shortly after, and the Kanka-bono girls kill and eat Kazakh the dog. In chapter 7, the narrator, Leon Trout, sees the blue tunnel to the Afterlife and has a conversation with his dad. Leon decides to stay on Earth as a ghost for another one million years. 
The ship finally finds the island of Santa Rosalia in a Galapagos archipelago. The characters find plenty of iguanas, boobies, and crabs to eat, but when they went to leave and sail back to South America, they found that the engines would not start. Much time passes by, and Mary Hepburn's curiosity leads her to artificially inseminate the young Kanko-bono women with the Captain's sperm. All of the women become pregnant without the knowledge of the Captain. In chapter 11, the Captain finally finds out that the Kanka-bonos are pregnant with his children. 

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  1. I wonder how the captain is going to react, once it is explained how he reacted to the news that those are all his children.