Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Discussion Leader: Ch. 36- Book 2 Ch. 4

1. What do you think is the purpose of the Mary/Roy flashback? What does it give to the reader?

2. "It was humanity's ability to heal so quickly, by means of babies, which encouraged so many people to think of explosions as show business, as highly theatrical forms of self-expression, and little more." What do you think of this quote? Do you agree? What are the dangers of not truly evaluating consequences, and how is today's society affected?

3. Based on everything our narrator has said so far, why do you think he has opted to be a ghost rather than slip into the afterlife? What's holding him back? Why do you think he's telling this story?


  1. 1) I think the purpose of the flashback is to give the readers some insight toward Mary/Roy's past live. Through flashbacks you see into the lives of people getting to know the past can help predict the feature in many ways.
    2) I think this quote is absolutely right. In our society people seem to think that having a child is the answer to everything. In many ways it is the same with war, if you don't like em, bomb em. I feel that a lot of our military leaders have a craving for war and the firing of mistles but will that really solve anything? No. There is an endless amount of danger when it comes to not evaluating consequences. For instence in our society we did this with Iraq we didn't fully evaluate the situation and bullied our way in with weapons.
    3) Because being a ghost gives him a chance to tell his story, obviously the narrator has a lot to say and feels the need to have it said. Besides speaking his mind I cant say why has opted to be a ghost.

  2. 1. I felt that this interaction between Mary and Roy was offered in contrast to that that takes place between Mary and a sickly "Willard Flemming".
    2. I believe that there is some truth in this sentiment. This excerpt is of the same portion of the story as that which I discussed in my connection piece and also evokes in me thoughts about Holocaust denial.
    3. I am in agreement with Juliana in her feeling that the narrator might bear an obligation to share his story, that of the passengers of the 'Nature Cruise of the Century', and ultimately that of the future of mankind. It is perhaps for this reason that he has not yet chosen to materialize.