Monday, February 24, 2014

Chapters 15-21: Word Master

1. anthropomorphic (pg.106)- attributing human likeness or characteristics to an inhuman being or object

2. cordon sanitaire (pg.88)- a barrier to prevent the spread of a disease

3. edentate (pg.80)- without teeth

4. fiduciary (pg.73)- a person to whom something is temporarily entrusted; a trustee

5. sinuous (pg.106)- characterized by twists and turns; winding

I chose these words, because I was somewhat uncertain as to their meanings.



  1. I had to look up "voyeurism" :)

  2. I love the images, it really proves your point(:

  3. anthropomorphic . This is really interesting because the word "personification" means the same thing, except used in a different way.